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21st at the 2005 International Championship!

21st at the 2004 International Championship!

2003 Illinois District Champions!

George Mark Ken Rick


Alchemy started out their public performances as West Towns Sound and early on made an appearance on the "Bozo Super Sunday Show". They have become an increasingly popular and in-demand performance quartet with an amazing repertoire. They came on the scene after the 2000 Illinois District Fall Contest, and quickly began to make their presence felt not only in the Illinois District, but also on the International level. In the Illinois District Spring, 2001 competition, they finished well enough to be invited to the Buckeye Invitational. At this "Real Casino USA" in August of 2001, they finished third in the men's quartet competition. Then in the Fall 2003, after 2 years of Illinois District 3rd place finishes, they finally won the Illinois District Championship! But success doesn't stop there! In the Spring of 2004 they qualified for the 2004 International Barbershop Competition and were the sole representative from the Illinois District! (procerin)
They placed 21st in that contest and are now moving their way up towards the Gold .